Lung Transplantation Workshop

Prezados Colegas,

This course offers the possibility to deepen during 2 days in all aspects related to lung transplantation and carry out procedures of harvesting and implantation of lung grafts  from cadavers preserved with the W Thiel technique, as well as a masterclass on ex situ evaluation of pig lungs. The W Thiel preservation technique allows the preservation of tissue properties in such a way that the handling of the tissue accurately mimics the in vivo conditions.

The course is aimed at specialist surgeons and residents interested in acquiring the knowledge and technical skills necessary to perform a lung transplant.

At the end of the course, participants will have been able to perform first-hand extractions, exvivo lung evaluations and lung and lobar transplantation with grafts from cadaveric cadavers preserved with the W. Thiel technique.


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